The Quickest Way To Lose Weight

The Quickest Way To Lose Weight
March 2, 2018 animaslasertherapy

Lose Weight with Laser Therapy

The Quickest Ways to Lose Weight

We should preface this by saying, there are faster ways to lose weight, but other methods are radical, dangerous and questionable at best. Eating well is 80% of the battle. We want to give you methods to simplify your journey to rapid weight loss without the gimmicks!

Purge Your Pantry

You know what tempts you most, so throw it out or give it away! Unhealthy snacks are usually the biggest culprit when it comes to sneaky weight gain. If you’re really hungry, give yourself ten minutes before giving in to any temptation. If it’s just your brain playing tricks on your, you’ll find the desire for the craving isn’t as intense after some time passes.

Add Veggies to EVERYTHING

We mean it – add them to everything and always eat them first. They are full of fiber and minerals, but low in calories. If you make a point to have them at every meal, you’ll likely eat less of the more caloric items on your plate.

Sneak in Exercise

I know most people were hoping for tips that didn’t include a better diet or more exercise, but our body operates at its best with both. What I will share with you is that you don’t have to adopt a vigorous 5-days-a-week regimen to see results. You can squeeze in 5-minute workout intervals in during commercials, while brushing your teeth or even washing dishes. Do these intervals 4 or more times a day and you’ve successfully worked out for the day!

Indulge… Wisely

Don’t deny yourself occasional splurges, but when you do splurge, opt for the smallest size of that item on the menu. Grab an ice cream cone in a cup instead of two scoops in the chocolate-dipped waffle cone. If that’s not an option, share it with someone or take five bites and throw it away!

Stop Nighttime Snacking

Every taste, lick, and nibble add up. So, after dinner (and even a sensible dessert), put all your leftovers away and close the kitchen for the night. Set a time you can adhere to and that gives you enough time to wind down after eating and before going to bed. 7 or 8 p.m. might work for you. Brush your teeth if you must!

Laser Therapy

If you are working hard at watching what you eat and exercising, but still struggling with stubborn fat, don’t lose hope! There is now a clinically-proven, safe and painless laser therapy you can try. Zerona laser therapy releases the triglycerides (fat) within fat cells. The red light disrupts the fat cell membrane and as a result, fat literally leaks out. This is a magnificent complement to a healthy routine and promises some incredible results. You can see what it can do for you and schedule a free consultation here.,,20501331,00.html#walk-with-spot-0