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Just as plant cells absorb light energy from the sun to grow through photosynthesis, your cells can absorb light energy from low-level lasers. This increases cellular energy production, regenerates damaged tissue, decreases pain and inflammation, and improves immune function. Research has even shown laser therapy to aid in fat loss.

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Pain Management with laser therapy

Get fast, lasting relief from pain and inflammation

Regain control over your life and eliminate the chronic pain that plagues the lives of millions. Using state-of-the-art medical cold lasers to promote cellular regeneration through painless bio-stimulation, Animas Laser Therapy can help you, to once again, experience the joys of life without debilitating pain.  

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Non-Invasive Body Sculpting & Fat Loss

At Animas Laser Therapy our laser technology has consistently been used to safely and effectively drain the cellular contents of fat cells, thereby reducing the amount of fat stored on our problem areas like the waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms. The fat can be removed without surgery, and unlike other so-called non-invasive procedures, does not damage the fat cells, which serve an important endocrine function. Thousands have tried this laser procedure and have lost an average of 3.72 inches from their waist. Even better is that our equipment utilizes multiple scanning diodes that target multiple problem areas in a single treatment, not requiring an extra cost for each individual problem area.

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Lose inches with Animas Laser Therapy weight loss

Skin renewal with laser therapy

Skin Renewal

Animas Laser Therapy’s lasers have the ability to target different pathologies by utilizing specific wavelengths of light. Research has shown that shorter wavelengths can lead to the destruction of the bacteria associated with acne vulgaris, while longer wavelengths can penetrate deeper to affect the secretion of sebum associated with acne vulgaris as well as stimulate cellular proliferation for wound closure as well as mitigate any associated pain and inflammation.  

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